Reunions 2018

Joe Puryear III ’19  reflects on his time working at the club during Reunions.

Never-ending. There is no better way to describe Princeton Reunions. Most people hear “never-ending” and automatically associate it with the tormenting manner of dragging something on when it should clearly have ended. However, this never-ending was far different. It was consumed by the continuous hustle and bustle of events occurring back to back and thousands of alumni reuniting again. From the minute the first alums return, they never stop. They immediately dive into the nostalgia of what it was like to be a full time Princetonian. You will rarely ever see a crowd of over 20,000 people reconnecting as if they had last seen each other yesterday. They are engaged in activities from class meals to popular talks to concerts to the shenanigans of the nightly tents throughout the weekend. It’s a weekend filled with joy, laughter, and most importantly comradery. These values, while evident throughout the campus during reunions, were perhaps unmatched by the Chartan alums. Charter served as a home base for numerous alums that would spend hours of their day there. The alums would congregate in every corner of the club from the backyard to the great room to the upper dining room. They mingled and caught up with friends that they had not seen since the reunions before.

Though I was working with PSafe during the day, I met numerous Chartans while bartending. It was a unique opportunity that really allowed me to talk to a variety of people. I talked to people from recent graduates to people who did not know what a Liquid Assets Manager was to people who brought their babies to the party. It is really an intriguing sight to see. The amount of maroon and gold I saw worn by Chartans greatly outmatched the orange and black that dominates reunions. Last year’s Liquid Assets Managers gave us the advice to try and connect with as many alums as we could. They told us about the endless great stories that could be passed on just by listening. With this in mind, I made it a requirement of any alum who wanted a drink to tell me their name and class year. From there, the conversations carried themselves. Every alum was so enthusiastic to tell me about their time both at Princeton and Charter. It was particularly interesting to see how the club culture has both changed and maintained the same throughout the years. One thing that was clearly evident was that Charter still hosts the best party in Princeton.

Reunions 2018: Adam Kruzsewski, Sabina Hlavaty ‘13, Justin Knutson ‘11, Alex Fish ‘12, Rae Drach ‘13, Nick Burton ‘13, Evelyn Economy ‘13, James Badwick ‘13, Rodrigo Menezes ‘13 and Ali Kruszewski

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