Report of the Chairman Of The Board Of Governors

The year 2018 has been one of challenge and opportunity for Charter Club. The sign-in process that took place in the winter yielded a smaller group of rising juniors. This section has provided us with the opportunity to focus heavily on encouraging actions that afford a greater level of intimacy.

Having a smaller group required us to meet the challenge of balancing difficult budgetary decisions against our commitment to provide the members with a satisfying and memorable experience. In the meantime, we have worked continuously with the undergraduates and younger alums on steps to increase the membership numbers. This wake-up call has gotten us and the rest of Prospect Street to a good place philosophically. We all recognize that the Street’s smaller membership is at least partly attributable to costs. While the financial burden of club membership has always been a factor, more students now are dependent upon financial aid than when many of us attended Princeton. The Board of Governors believes that all students should be able to enjoy the eating club experience that is so unique to Princeton. We are actively exploring ways of making club membership more affordable by controlling costs and offering financial assistance, and this is a growing priority with the other clubs as well.

You will be hearing more about this from me as we further develop our plans. On another note, I am pleased to report that relations among the clubs continue to be in excellent shape. The limited liability company created a few years ago continues to pursue areas where the clubs can unite around common policies. We believe that it is helpful for our liability insurers to perceive the clubs as having similar risk profiles. We see the same level of cooperation among the clubs in the Graduate Inter-Club Council (GICC) context. I am gratified to report that the leaders of the selective clubs have been extremely supportive of the open clubs, acknowledging that the club system needs healthy eating clubs of every description in order for the club system to continue to thrive.

I hope you were able to attend Reunions this past June. As in past years, we had a large crowd with wonderful food and drink provided by Steve Moskow and his superb staff. For as long as I can remember, Charter’s reception has offered a wonderful respite between the P-Rade and the evening parties. Also, several of the major reunion classes hosted receptions for their classes. Having hosted a reception for the Class of 1976 when we celebrated our 40th, I know that this is a wonderful way for class members to reconnect.

I hope that those of you who were at the She Roars! Brunch on October 6th or the Football Game reception on October 13th enjoyed yourselves. Next year, Princeton Football will be playing at home against both Harvard and Yale and we will be looking for additional opportunities to open Charter Club to our alumni members. I would welcome your thoughts on this.

In closing, I would like to recognize some changes in the Graduate Board. Peter Brinckerhoff ’64, one of our longer serving members, has retired from the Board. We are very grateful for his service and will miss his wise counsel. New board members include Stephen Muther ’71 and Rodrigo Menezes ’13. In addition, Matthew Daigger ’17, the class of 2017 Graduating Governor, has served his one-year term. He is succeeded by the class of 2018 Graduating Governor, Sarah Tian ’18.

I thank you for your continued support.

 John H. Beers ’76

Chairman of the Board