New Detailed History of Princeton’s Eating Clubs

Cover of “The Princeton Eating Clubs”

We know from the walk down Prospect to Charter Club that one of Princeton’s most special hallmarks is its eating club system. They have thrived as the soul of the University’s undergraduate social life since the late 19th century, and continue to provide so many alumni a “home” when they (you!) return to campus. In recognition of unique nature of the clubs, Princeton Prospect Foundation has commissioned historical author Clifford Zink to prepare a book to support the recent designation of the Prospect Avenue eating clubs as a historical district.

The Princeton Eating Clubs portrays not just the eleven extant eating clubs, but also those that no longer exist, as all the buildings bring character and aesthetic appeal to this part of the greater campus community. Those of us who have supported Mr. Zink on this new publication can testify to the captivating way the various eating clubs have been described, with many displays of wonderful archival images and exclusive photos obtained and used through the cooperation of all the clubs. This is truly a special publication prepared for an important reason.

Charter Club members and their dates, Houseparties 1920

As a member of the Princeton Prospect Foundation and a co-sponsor of this book, Charter Club is excited to be a significant part of the development and content of this volume. The Princeton Eating Clubs was conceived last year when the historic district was being approved, partially to support the expanded mission of the Foundation “to facilitate the preservation and restoration of the historically and architecturally significant buildings.” The Clubs provide an extremely rich and diverse part of the Princeton University experience to many/most undergraduates, yet many people in the town and even at the University regard them as somewhat mysterious.

This is a serious, well-illustrated, suitable-for-display and gifting volume, prepared in a hardcover 12” by 9” landscape format with a four-color cover, detailed bibliography and index. It is 192 pages, four color, with over 500 historic and current images. It will have a suggested retail price of $75.

Charter Club is pleased to obtain a number of copies of the initial printing that will be preliminary reserved as gifts for our most loyal supporters. The book is also available for purchase at Amazon.


Featured Alums:

Arthur Meigs ’13

David Adler ’04

Edmund Wilson ’16

Shelby Davis ’30

James Stewart ’32

Howard Menard ’32

Frank Petito ’36

Mason Andrews ’40

Thomas Berry Brazelton ’40

Bowie Kuhn ’48

John Sherrerd ’52

Charles Fried ’56

Eric Molson ’59

Joel Rosenman ’63

Mitch Daniels ’71

F. Thomson Leighton ’78

David Duchovny ’82

Bart Gellman ’82

Mark Shapiro ’89

Derek Kilmer ’96


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