Meet Rushy Panchal ’19

Rushy Panchal ’19

Position: Kitchen Manager

Hometown: Clifton, NJ

Major: Computer Science

Year: 2019

Favorite Place on Campus: Forbes

Desired Career: Software Engineer


I’m Rushy, one of the Kitchen Managers at Charter. I’m from Clifton, New Jersey and decided that it would be a great idea to stick within New Jersey for college – a decision, were Princeton and Charter not such great experiences, I would immensely regret. As someone born and raised in The Great State of New Jersey, I’m used to the weather and rude drivers. What was a big shock to me, though, was finding an amazing community within Princeton and a place to call home – that community and place, of course, is Charter!


After a few months of enjoying every moment in Charter, I decided that I wanted to help shape its future, which is why I became an officer. For any junior reading this: KMs have the best position by far. As a KM, I get to make the members happy by serving them food and, as my favorite part, make tea every week. Afternoon Tea was a big factor in drawing me to Charter, and I love the tradition! Appropriately, my favorite spot in the club has to be the library during a winter storm, cozy with a cup of tea. This past year we had quite a few large storms and it was a great feeling to be huddled by a fire with other Chartans as the wind blew outside. In a similar light, my favorite part of campus (outside of Charter) is the sci-fi library in Forbes. It looks out onto the golf course and in the winter, it was really cozy to work there while drinking something warm.

I’m a member of the Class of 2019 and study Computer Science. As one of the few engineers who isn’t required to write a thesis, I decided I wanted to write one anyway (also I want a thesis fairy!) – so I’ve spent a good portion of the summer thinking about that. Besides that, I’ve done a bit of software engineering work these past few summers and will likely work as a software engineer after graduation. Outside of CS stuff, I like to spend a lot of my time reading, looking up at the stars, and hanging out with other Chartans.

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