Meet Michael Li ’20

Michael Li ’20

Position: Treasurer

Hometown: Paoli, PA

Major: Operations, Research, and Financial Engineering

Year: 2020

Favorite Place on Campus: Charter Porch

Desired Career: Data analysis/quantitative finance


I’m Michael, the undergraduate treasurer for Charter. I’m an ORFE major and pursuing certificates in finance and machine learning. Around Charter, I’m known for:

• leading the annual meme-making competition into a new golden age of innovation and democracy

• reporting on Charter IM victories by default

• loving machine learning too much, to the point of heartbreak

• studying in the UDR

Outside of Charter, I serve as a range captain and social chair for club archery and I work on ORFE psets. I’m a huge Phillies fan and besides throwing on games as background noise whenever I can, I try to catch a game or two in person each season. I also like playing (and being made fun of for playing) old video games like Oldschool Runescape and Halo. In the past year, I’ve gotten into poker, and it’s been fun to improve along with the other players here at Charter. I’m a two-time last-place finisher in the Charter Poker Series, but I’m attributing that to statistical noise. Even pocket aces lose some hands, right? Since sophomore spring, Charter has been home to me. From unforgettable formals to shenanigans in the cluster to poker hands won and lost out on the porch in lazy summertime, some of my best memories at Princeton have been made at the house on 79 Prospect Ave. Now that I’m an officer, I hope that I can help other members, past and present, forge more great memories this upcoming year.

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