Meet Michael Friedman ’19

Michael Friedman ’19

Position: Events Coordinator

Hometown: Hewlett, NY
Major: Computer Science
Year: 2019
Favorite Place on Campus: Charter’s backyard
Desired Career: Data science/data analysis

Hi Chartans! I’m Michael, one of Charter’s Events Coordinators (along with Sarah Mathew)! I’m from Long Island, New York (near Long Beach for those of you who know Long Island), and I study computer science (COS) here at Princeton.

Academically, I’m really into my major – it’s become one of my biggest passions. I’ve always had this curiosity with how things work under the hood, and that has really driven my fascination with COS. I think all the applications of computers in different areas of society are super interesting, and I like to study the systems behind them. Outside academics, I generally like to be pretty active (which might come as a surprise to people who don’t know me that well, since a large portion of my time is spent sitting at a desk writing code… living that COS life). When I was little, I used to play “little league” soccer and baseball (I was pretty bad though, admittedly), and later on in middle school and high school I was on the swim team (I was slightly better at that). And the other major thing I’m into is music – I play piano and sing, mostly solo. My favorites are jazz and Broadway music, and although I don’t have as much time to practice as I’d like to (life gets so busy!), I do also listen to my favorite pianists and singers a lot… and (shamelessly) pretend to be one of them.

And then there’s Charter – I absolutely love this club! I came in at the beginning of junior year, after a less-than-ideal experience at another club in sophomore spring, not hoping for much more than to make a few friends. And as Charter does, it totally knocked it out of the park for me! What I found here was the most welcoming (and at the same time, probably the wildest) community I’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s one of our Friday night parties you know is going to be freakin’ awesome just because Charter is throwing it; a live band performance in the Great Room; a chill night painting or playing board games in the UDR; a sunny spring afternoon hanging out in our beautiful backyard; or a formal winter holiday dinner, where we try to forget for one night that even though we’re going into winter break, the semester is actually still far from over (only at Princeton). We all have a blast doing just about anything together, and we really are a family. These are the best years of our lives, and I’m incredibly grateful that we have the opportunity to spend them together at this club.

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