Meet Judy Koo ’21

Judy Koo ’21

Position: Dining Liaison

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Major: Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs

Year: 2021

Favorite Place on Campus: Old writing center

Desired Career: Tbd


Hi Chartans! I’m Yeonseo Koo, but feel free to call me Judy. (I know my Korean name can be a bit difficult to pronounce for non-Korean speakers.) I’m from Seoul, Korea but went to high school in the US – Pottstown, PA to be specific. At Princeton, I am often seen carrying a large cup of coffee with me, which probably explains why I’m part of the Coffee Club. When I need a break from my coffee-infused A.B. life, I escape from the books and essays to enjoy some music with my fellow Princeton University Wind Ensemble members. (Although given that I play piccolo, I sincerely hope I am not irritating someone else while I am having fun.) Of course, I frequently make appearance in various other places – such as Charter.


When I first came to Charter, I knew nothing about it or anyone in it as I had no interest in eating clubs. In fact, I have not been to Charter Fridays until after I joined Charter. However, Chartans were very welcoming despite the fact we had never met before, convincing me I want to spend more time with them and actually get to know them. Although deciding to join Charter was an unexpected, drastic change from thinking I would never join an eating club, I have no regrets and look forward to what fun we will make happen together in future!

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