Meet Joseph Puryear III ’19

Joseph Puryear III ’19

Position: Liquid Assets Manager

Hometown: Hanahan, SC

Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Year: 2019

Favorite Place on Campus: Blair Arch

Desired Career: Space Industry


My name is Joseph Puryear III and I am from Charleston, SC. I am a mechanical and aerospace engineering major with a certificate in applications of computing. Outside of Charter, I am a part of the ultimate frisbee team. I am the Head of Hardware for PAVE (Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineers). I play the clarinet. I am also a part of Phi Kappa Sigma. I joined Charter because a few frisbee friends had invited me to dinner one night. Before that dinner, I had never been to Charter outside of the usual Every Friday Charter Friday. The immediate kindness and friendliness of all the members left me in awe. I walked into the dining room and was immediately ushered over to a table that was clearly overflowing with people. They did not hesitate to cram me into their conversation. This feeling of kindness and comradery has been amplified every day at Charter. It was this feeling of belonging that motivated me to become a Liquid Assets Manager and officer of the club. I am also apart of the Recruitment Trio in charge of this year’s recruitment process. I wanted to help on the front lines to ensure every member feels the same way I did on my first day here. I am also one of the admins for the Charter Undergrads and Alums group and the newsletter. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

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