Meet John Beers ’76

To kickoff our Meet the Charter Graduate Board series we hear from John Beers ’76, the current Chairman.

Hometown:  Huntington, New York

Current Home Base : New Britain, Connecticut.

Major:  Music

Year:  1976

Favorite Dorm:  Hamilton Hall

Career:  I am a lawyer. I worked in commercial litigation for firms in NY and CT for 9 years and then went in house for a life insurance company for 27 years. I now work in house at a bank, specializing in corporate governance.

What is the Charter Graduate Board?  Charter Club’s Graduate Board of Governors is somewhat analogous to a corporate board of directors, in that it exists to ensure that the Club has sufficient resources and is properly managed. The Board is comprised of alumni of the Club who are elected to 3-year terms, plus one member of the most recently graduated class who serves for one year.  In addition, student officers attend meetings and have one vote on matters requiring votes. Unlike a corporate board, Charter Club does not have shareholders. Alumni are elected by the Board, and the graduating students select their governor.  Another variance from the corporate form is that our basic governance document – the Constitution and Bylaws – generally may be amended only with the approval of the undergraduate members.

When and why did you join the Board? I joined the board in 2006. My younger son had just started at Princeton and I thought Board service would give me an excuse to get to see more of him (it did).  More importantly, I have loved my time at Charter Club as an alumnus and have wanted to see it flourish. I have been extremely flattered to be elected to two terms as secretary and now two terms as Chair. It has been extremely gratifying to meet and work with several classes of undergraduate officers and Steve. Also, I have a far better understanding of the University leadership as a result of witnessing the interactions between the clubs and the University.

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