Meet Brittany Grego ’20

Brittany Grego ’20

Position: Vice-President

Hometown: Mount Sinai, NY

Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Year: 2020

Favorite Place on Campus: Firestone

Desired Career: Pediatric Oncologist


Hello everyone, my name is Brittany and I am from Long Island New York (and no I don’t have the oh-so-famous Long Island accent). I am currently pursuing a major in Chemical and Biological Engineering with certificates in Neuroscience and Engineering Biology. Outside of the classroom, I love to give back. I currently volunteer at Penn Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital and I am an active member of CONTACT (which is a crisis prevention hotline). I am also a member of PUET which stands for Princeton University Equestrian Team, fun fact back in the day I competed in the Hampton Classic! Back home, I love to stay active and I often partake in surfing, kayaking, and hanging out with my little siblings! Charter has been one of my best decisions here at Princeton and has connected me to some truly compassionate, gifted, and all around amazing individuals! I am so honored to serve as the current Vice-President of the club and I am excited to share Charter and what it means to be a member with others!


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